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The Public was reluctant to having the Carnival this year

T&T’s authorities stated in January that carnival will still go ahead despite rising COVID -19 cases. In 2021 there were no carnival celebrations due to the severity of the COVID situation back then, now more than half of the population is vaccinated. Last week the Carnival celebrations wrapped up and it was indeed a great spectacle.

A poll was conducted in Port of Spain to gauge public perception of the carnival celebrations. The following insights were derived from the respondents:

  • The majority of the respondents (46%) were not okay with the carnival to be held this year.
  • The younger respondents (under 30 years) saw no problem in having the Carnival this year, this differs significantly with the respondents aged 30 and older.
  • Around 76% of the respondents indicated that they didn’t want to take part in the celebrations this year.
  • The organization level of the carnival needs to be further developed according to 79% of the respondents, this to further improve revenues from tourism and spin-off to locals.

Based on these results, it can be concluded that the public were somewhat reluctant to have the Carnival this year. People aged 30 and up didn’t have plans to take part in the celebrations. Overall, they would like to see improvements in how the carnival is being organized to boost tourism.

In February, a random sample of 152 residents in Port of Spain was surveyed. The respondents were interviewed face-to-face, and a confidence interval of 95% was used, with a margin of error of approximately 8%. The sample was adequately representative of important demographic characteristics, such as gender and age.

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