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Data is a precious thing and will

last longer than the systems themselves

Tim Berners-Lee

With this calculator you can determine the sample size required for a given population. It will generate the minimum required respondents required in order to reach statistic significant results. Additionally it will calculate the number of people that needs to be invited keeping in mind not everyone will respond to your survey request.

Population Size

Confidence Level(%)

Margin of Error(%)

Response Rate(%)

Sample Size


Number to Invite



The group of people (target population) that needs to be included in your research. From this group the sample size will be determined; a representative subset of the population.

Confidence Level

This percentage reflects the confidence that the population would answer within a specific range. If the research were to be repeated, how close would the average of the attribute of interest be within the true population value.

Margin of Error

What is the error threshold applied where the selected sample does not reflect the views of the population. How precise are the results if the whole population were to be interviewed.

Response Rate

When sending invitations for surveys or interviews, not everyone responds to your request. You will often have to send more requests than the number of completed surveys being completed. This to ensure that the required amount of respondents is reached.

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