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The 2022 Consumer Confidence Indicator (CCI) for Suriname demonstrates a significant rise in consumer optimism, with the CCI reaching 115.0 (base year 2019 = 100), marking a robust increase of 21.1% from 95.0 in 2021. Despite a downturn in perceptions of the current work situation and the country’s condition, there was an extraordinary surge in consumers’ willingness to make major purchases or investments.

Confidence in the current situation at that time deteriorated by -47%, and the outlook for the future (12 months) also showed a downward trend of an average of -32.1%. These were offset by the significant growth of 214.6% in the willingness to make significant purchases or investments.

These mixed results illustrate a complex consumer outlook, where caution about present and near-term economic conditions coexists with a strong propensity for significant investments, possibly indicating positive expectations for the longer-term financial climate.

The CCI is designed to gauge consumer sentiment regarding local market conditions and their personal work situation, both present and in the future. This metric is established through five survey questions, with scores calculated from the proportion of positive responses. The average score is then calculated.

Data collection encompassed 1,282 individuals, all residents aged 18 or older, through face-to-face interviews conducted in the last quarter of 2022. The sample distribution was aligned with the most recent census data from the General Bureau of Statistics Suriname.

Conducted annually by CoreStats since 2019, the CCI forms a part of a broader consumer survey that includes Suriname, Guyana, and Trinidad & Tobago. The survey profiles consumer preferences across several dimensions, with basic results made publicly accessible(corestats.com) and further analysis available upon request.